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About Us

Taizhou Puchuan Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd is international trading department of the HUIPU GROUP.

Based in Taizhou, a main center of shipbuilding industry in China, Taizhou Puchuan Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd is a professional import and export trading company, which mainly engaged in the following four scopes: new building, S&P, marine equipment and spares supply, and other general non-marine international trading services.

New Building:
For new building, we have a very deep understanding of Chinese shipbuilding industry and a close connection with most local shipyards, especially in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian and Shanghai areas of China. We can help owners to obtain most economical ship design; to select the most appropriate Chinese shipyard as per type of vessel to build; to provide professional consulting on financing policy; to facilitate ship owners and shipyards to successfully push forward contract negotiation and fulfillment.

We have our own shipyard, Huipu Shipyard, which was set up in 2004 and is capable of building all kinds of steel vessels up to 30,000DWT. And till now the shipyard has successfully delivered 55 ships to ship owners worldwide, including bulk carrier, container ship, multiple purposes ship, asphalt tanker, oil tanker, chemical tanker, deck barge, platform supply vessel, heavy lift barge, crew boat, ferry, RORO, fishing ship and yacht. Since 2006, the company has established ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO 18001 occupational health and safety management system.

Ship Sales & Purchase
Taizhou is also a very important port in China with thousands of shipping companies registered in this area, as the city is surrounded by Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port, Taihzou Port, Zhoushan archipelagoes, the shipping industry is prosperous with a long history. As a director member of the Shipping Association, we are well connected with all local shipping companies and ship owners. Therefore any time when you want to purchase ships from China, you are sincerely welcomed to consult us. We provide professional brokering services including: information consultation, ship survey, contract negotiation, import and export services, ship delivery services, classification and flag transformation services and etc.

Ship Equipment and Spares Supply
We are a leading one-stop supplier of all kinds of spare parts of deck, engine, electrical, cabin, provision stores, spares and equipment from China.

Being a shipyard that have successfully built and delivered more than 50 newbuilding vessels and repaired more than 200 vessels; and also being a leading private shipper with our own fleet, each year we purchase large amounts of equipment and spares routinely, through the years we have established stable partnership with marine equipment manufacturers in China.

By making full use of our exist purchasing channels of marine equipment and spares, you will obtain the most competitive domestic prices and quality guaranteed genuine marine stores, spares and equipment through my shipyard’s purchasing department. And our own international trading company will finish all exporting procedures for you and deliver all items to your designated. In this way, we can save you plenty of money in daily operation of vessels.

Import and Export Services:
We provide professional import and export agency services to all customers in more than just shipping or shipbuilding industries. Just call us when you need to purchase any products from China, especially Zhejiang Province, or when you need any kind of support in China, including business trip planning, purchasing channel consultation, products quotation survey, customs clearance and etc. We are striving to become your reliable partner and one-stop purchase channel in China.
We have special advantages in dealing with the following cargoes: marine equipments, petrochemical products, oil field equipment, mechanical equipments, building materials, and small commodities for daily use.

Welcome to contact with us and we are looking forward to a win-win relationship with you.


HPSHIP Group is a group with more than 30 years of history, mainly engaged in shipbuilding, shipping & ship management and international trading. Under the group, there are 7 companies, including:

1. Linhai Huipu Shipping Co., Ltd.

Set up in 1997, HUIPU SHIPPING is a professional shipping company mainly engaged in China domestic shipping. The company owns 7 bulk carriers from 3200DWT to 20000DWT, and manages more than 20 vessels at present.

2. Linhai Huipu Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Set up in 2004, HUIPU SHIPYARD is a shipyard with the capacity to build all kinds of steel and aluminum vessels up to 30,000DWT. It has successfully delivered more than 50 ships, including oil tanker, bitumen tanker, chemical tanker, bulk carrier, container ship, multiple-purpose vessel, deck barge, supply vessel, crew boat, ferry, RORO and etc. It has established and maintained ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Enviornmental Management System and ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System since Feb.2006.

3. Taizhou Puchuan Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.

Set up in 2014, PUCHUAN IMPORT AND EXPORT is a professional international trading company, mainly engaged in new-built ship exporting, ship & boats S&P, marine equipment & spares supply and all kinds of non-marine products international trading.

4. Taizhou St Helena Yacht Co., Ltd.

Set up in 2015, ST HELENA YACHT is a comprehensive manufacturer & trading company of all kinds of yachts, boats and other related marine products of water sports for recreation, including yacht, fishing boat, sail boat, sport boat, inflatable boat, kayak and etc.

5. Zhejiang Leen Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Set up in 2017, LEEN PETROCHEMICAL TRADING is mainly engaged in wholesale and retail of all kinds of petrochemical products and oil field equipment. 

6. Zhejiang Leen International Ship Management Co., Ltd.

Set up in 2017, LEEN INTERNATIONAL SHIP MANAGEMENT is a company set up in Zhejiang FTZ, mainly engaged in international ship management, crew management, shipping agency, freight agency, bunker oil charging, spares and stores supply.

7.Qatar Leen Oil Trading and Marine Services Co., Ltd. Set up in 2017, Qatar LEEN is mainly engaged in international trading of all kinds of ships and boats, marine equipment, petrochemical products and oil field equipment, building materials and commodities for daily use, and proving relative marine services.

Contact Us:

MOBILE: 13105678193  13906769690
TEL: 0085-576-85071199,85071191, 85071190
OFFICE ADD: No.517-518, Times Mansion, Langcheng International, Eastern Avenue, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, China.( Zip: 317000)
SHIPYARD ADD:Yongquan Town, Linhai City, Taizhou, Zhejiang, P. R. China (Zip: 317022)

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