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“Our quality service is based on our founding principle of providing ship owners with cost effective supply solutions.”

We are a leading one-stop supplier of all kinds of spare parts of deck, engine, electrical, cabin, provision and bonded stores, spares and equipment from China. We cater to the needs of marine, cruise and offshore industry, especially needs of world-wide ship owners who own vessels built in China.

As we own our own shipyard in China and have successfully built and delivered more than 50 new-built vessels to worldwide shipping companies in last ten years already and repaired more than 30 vessels each year, we need to purchase all kinds of equipment and spares every day for our own shipbuilding and ship repairing projects, that we have set up long-term, stable and close business relationships with most major marine equipments manufacturers in China.

If you choose to purchase through us, by making full use of our exist purchasing channels of marine equipment and spares, you will obtain the most competitive domestic prices and quality guaranteed genuine marine stores, spares and equipment through my shipyard’s purchasing department. And our own international trading company will finish all exporting procedures for you and deliver all those spares, stores and equipment to your designated port as your requirement. In this way, we can help you save plenty of money in daily operation of vessels.

So, if you own a made-in-China vessel, or you have Chinese marine equipment installed on board, or you want to purchase cost-effective stores from China, please feel free to contact with us. We will try all our best to provide you the best services.

Besides, we also cater to the needs of shipyards outside of China for both their new building or repairing projects by providing cost-effective materials, machines and equipment from China.

Our business scopes covers the following products:

Marine Equipment and Spares:
Deck: Mechanical: Electrical:
  1. Windlass / mooring winches
  2. Cranes
  3. Lifeboat
  4. Rescue boat
  5. Life rafts, Life-jacket, buoys, emergency suit
  6. Anchor
  7. Anchor chain & stoppers
  8. Towing Line &Mooring Ropes
  9. Pneumatic Acc. Ladder winch
  10. Aluminium wharf ladder
  11. GRP grid / ballast pipes
  12. Fire doors
  13. Steel doors/ Windows
  14. Hatch cover and portholes
  15. Fireproof Materials for decoration
  16. Cabin Furniture & Fittings
  17. Prefabricated Sanitary Room
  18. Galley equipment
  19. Paint in general
  20. Cathodic protection ext.
  21. MGPS
  22. Others
  1. Main diesel engine
  2. Gearbox & Flexible coupling
  3. Propeller & Rudder
  4. Shaft
  5. Aux. Generating Sets
  6. Boilers
  7. Purifier
  8. Water Pumps & Oil Pumps
  9. Valves & Filter
  10. Quick Closing Control box
  11. Bow Thrusters
  12. Steering Gear
  13. Sewage Plant
  14. Bilge Water Separator
  15. Air Condition
  16. Refrigeration Compressor
  17. Water Pressure Tank
  18. Plate Heat exchanger
  19. Exhaust Silencer
  20. Air Reservoirs
  21. Air Compressor
  22. Air Dryer
  23. Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water Generator
  24. Ultraviolet Radiation sterilizer /Mineralizing device
  25. CO2 Firefighting systems
  26. Water mist system for engine room and hold
  27. Fire detection system
  28. Fixed Gas Detection System
  29. Portable gas detector
  30. Level Gauging for Tanks Except
  31. COTKS
  32. PE/PVC piping
  33. Cargo pump & Stripping pump
  34. Remote Level Gauging System
  35. ODME
  36. Pressure/vacuum valves
  37. Oil Water Interface Detector
  38. Foam fire extinguishing plant
  39. Workshop equipment
  40. E/R hoisting crane / traverse
  41. Others
  1. Main / Emergency switchboard
  2. Distribution panels
  4. ME Remote control system
  5. MAS
  6. Transformers
  7. Lights
  8. Interior Comm. System
  9. Navigation Equipment
  10. Radio Equipment
  11. Compass Devices
  12. BNWAS
  13. Fog Horn
  14. Rudder Angle Indicator
  15. Clean View Screen
  16. Wheel house rain wipers
  17. Stern Speed Measure
  18. Marine Cables
  19. Marine Master-slave Clock
  20. Loading computer software
  21. Others


Stores and Provisions

  1. Cabin Stores
  2. Deck Stores
  3. Engine Stores
  4. Electrical Stores

Shipyard Materials & Equipment

  1. Gantry
  2. Airbags for launching
  3. Double-ended flam numerical control cutting machine
  4. Wet plasma cutting machine
  5. Press Machine
  6. Plate Cutter
  7. Hydraulic Rolling Machine
  8. Frame Bender
  9. Welding Machines
  10. Marine Steels
  11. Marine Pipes
  12. Decoration Materials
  13. Marine Equipment

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